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What Is Sensual Domination?

While casually scrolling on Reddit, an ad posted by a random person caught my eye. He was in search of someone to share some enjoyable experiences and described himself as a sensual dom.

Although this was my first encounter with the concept, it resonated with me almost instantly. While I didn't respond to the ad, I took the time to read it attentively and delved deeper into the idea. What I truly craved all along was the subtlety of sensual domination.

Sensual domination, involves the more submissive partner giving up control to the dominant one, with a focus on pleasure rather than pain. This exploration showed me that domination can stand alone, detached from certain aspects of BDSM, allowing for a deeper exploration.

Practicing sensual domination varies, adapting to the needs and desires of the submissive partner. It means spankings that feel intense but never hurt or hurt but at your tolerance level. wink*

Sensual dominance, for me, embodies several elements, with the primary focus on enhancing and amplifying both erotic encounters and orgasms. The most significant of human sexual organs rests within the mind, requiring the utmost mastery in stimulation to embrace the role of a sensual dominator. I strongly adhere to the philosophy that "seduce the mind and the body will follow."

Cum on command is another sensual dominance favorite of mine. Blindfolds, and any part of sensation play is a necessity of sensual dominance. Edging is a big one, for example. All of these things and a whole lot more comprise my definition of sensual domination. This is a decent start on the subject here, perhaps I will expand more in the future….

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